May 10, 2007


Newest project – a floor piece of stitched stone chunks resting on a base of breeze blocks.


First mock-up in a corner of the studio.

I don’t know what the piece is about yet but I keep being reminded of a visit made to Athens donkey’s years ago and seeing how the (modern) paviours had incorporated ancient stone fragments  into the paths around the Acropolis.  I don’t know if they’re still there, or what I’d think of them now if they are.  The working title for this piece might be “The Ruins of Athens”.



Some ideas for stitches.  Purchase of new equipment (currently on order) will facilitate drilling stitch-holes in these thick stone chunks.


While sitting in a car park at Loch Lomond waiting to discuss plans for the 2008 quilt show  I was struck by the markings on the ground and how suggestive they are of some of my own stitched work.  Originally I had wanted “The Ruins of Athens” to be arranged on shelves like a museum exhibit, but looking at these markings gave me the idea of putting the stones on the ground or a low plinth.


After my meeting I went on to Killearn to give a talk to the Strathendrick branch of the Guild.  They were a lively group and Killearn a lovely place with a village hall that looks like a church.


10 Responses to “Scholarship”

  1. mike machin Says:

    Nice to see the blog up and running

  2. Anna Huston Says:

    Ditto. Looking forward to next entry!

  3. Dave Edwards Says:

    Great Blog Clyde!
    It’s good to see your sketches as well as your work.

  4. Hi Clyde – Nice to see your sketches & developing work, this is always really interesting to see together with the finished pieces, adds a new dimension for us viewers.
    I am not familiar with blog sites, anyway keep up the good work – I think you need a picture of you at the beginning, then slide the picture of Ivano to the bottom of your page – as it opens up and promotes him and not you! (You are always so modest!)
    Trust me to start chipping in with my opinion!
    Hope your work continues to thrive – keep in touch.
    All the best – Pauline

  5. clydeolliver Says:

    Dear Pauline – Thanks for your comments. I’m thinking about putting a mug shot on the ‘About’ page but I’m still wrestling with computer technology and haven’t got that far yet!

  6. anne power Says:

    I’m knocked out by the glowing colour sketch of the village hall.

    I do tend to need colour anyway.

    yes have your face at the top.

    I love the Picasso starting point, and the way you have moved from it into a more 2 dimensional feeling. Anne.

  7. anne power Says:

    oh dear, I have lost the Picasso section somehow!
    technical terrorist. Anne.

  8. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Anne – thanks for your kind comments. I’m way out of my depth with this technology stuff too – Picasso is under the heading ‘Studies’ …..I think

  9. Diana Tombs Says:

    I know Clyde from his interest in Greek folk dances so was fascinated to see what your “real” work is.

    I’ve never come anything at all like this and at some point would like to see some of your works live.

    In the mean time, picking up on one of your comments about colour vs not, I think the monotone impression your photos are showing currently look fantastic and I’d be inclined to keep it all very subdued colour-wise. (And this is coming from someone who loves strong, vibrant colours!


  10. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Diana! Nice to hear from you. Black and White always looks handsome but I like the idea of colour with stone – it tends to undermine any tendency to ‘tastefulness’ in the work!
    But we’ll have to wait and see – time will tell what works and what doesn’t.
    Best wishes

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