June 27, 2007

While I’m busy on ‘Boulder’ I’ll show some on-going work already started:


This is a small sample (19cm high) for a large-ish slate work I started a while back – (working title: ‘Studies’ – see below) The sample has been carved and scratched, then painted white.  When the paint is dry I scrape it off with wire wool so it remains lying in the troughs and crevices. The process makes me think of etching – a medium that I love the look of but have never tried.  Although there is some stitching on the sample it is only there to ensure the slate can take it.


This is ‘Studies’ in its current unfinished state. It is just shy of 1.50m. tall, and difficult to photograph!  At present some of the slate is already carved while other bits are just roughly sketched in in chalk.  There is no paint or stitching on it as yet.

  I first got the idea from a Picasso painting –


This is Picasso’s ‘Studies’ of 1920. In it he mixes Neo-classicism with Cubism in a kind of loose patchwork style, so it seemed a very appropriate model for what I want to do –  mix drawing, carving and stitching in one work. Having different images in the one piece (rather than one all-over design) will allow me to experiment with various approaches in different parts, as Picasso has done.

I began by making a loose transcript of the painting, then making exploratory sketches:


Soon my own interests and obsessions took over – genders changed, and rather than borrow Picasso’s themes I’ve referenced and parodied some of my own work.  Although a few direct quotes from Picasso do still remain, on the whole his painting is just a dim memory.


As a piece of work with a ‘patchwork’ feel I think it is coming along nicely. I expect to finish the work with intense areas of coloured stitching floating like a counterpoint over the images, but this will all come later.  At the moment I’m enjoying exploring various possibilities to see where they lead …. 



4 Responses to “‘Studies’”

  1. David McFadden, Chief Curator, Museum of Arts & Design Says:

    Hello! I am assembling material for a possible show on radical embroiderers worldwide and would love to have images and bio for you. Thanks. David

  2. tenar72 Says:

    Your work is really interesting. I never thought about stitching on things like stone. And thanks for sharing your creative process so freely!

  3. Anna Huston Says:

    Lovely to see your drawings.

  4. clydeolliver Says:

    Thanks to all for your interest and kind comments

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