A sort of Deja Vu….

July 15, 2007


This is a photo (the A2 original is too big for the scanner) of a recent pencil sketch I made for the scratched and stitched ‘Studies’ piece I’m currently working on – (see previous posting) 


And this is one of the many slate ‘Studies’ panels still in progress.  

The ‘photo-negative’ effect has got me thinking about  experimenting with  scraperboard as a sketching medium – it might be exellent for preparatory drawings and I plan to have a go just as soon as I can get hold of some.


There’s been an interuption to work as ‘Odyssey’ are making a video about my work. In anticipation of the film-makers’ visit I had a bit of a tidy-up, during which I came upon this crumpled old postcard of the West window of Coventry cathedral……….


We visited Coventry when I was a child and I particularly remember this window with its etched angels. I recall Dad dismissing them as looking like ‘a load of old scallywags’   but I loved them and bought the card.  Happening upon it now I can see the connection between the scratchy angels seen 40 + years ago and the figures I’m gouging out now (albeit in a more modest way!) in slate.

Isn’t it strange how things we’ve seen as a child and seemingly forgotten nevertheless still manage to surface later in adult life?  


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