Still Scraping

July 21, 2007


These slate panels, which form a part of ‘Studies’, have been carved and painted. When the paint is dry they will be ready for embroidering.  Here are more slates in preparation –

cropface-r15.jpg   Face at the Window

cropfigdetail-r15.jpg Detail of figure

beaker-r10.jpg ‘Picasso’s Wineglass’

scrape-glover25.jpg Sketch on Scraperboard

This workglove was the first scraperboard sketch I was happy with. Initial attempts suggest it’s not a good medium for exploratory sketches since it’s fairly unforgiving and not ‘physical’ enough for me  – you can’t get angry with it! (I broke the scraping tool at my first attempt)  Nevertheless  I’ll persevere between bouts of  scraping away at the slate ‘Studies’.


2 Responses to “Still Scraping”

  1. Anna Huston Says:

    So you found some scraper board. I wonder where, I haven’t seen it since I was in school.

  2. clydeolliver Says:

    I found some sites on the web selling scraperboard but didn’t care for their p+p charges. I then ‘phoned two local art stores who to my suprise said they both stock scraperboard – though I’ve never noticed it when I’ve been shopping in the past.
    I suppose scraperboard isn’t a big seller so isn’t displayed prominently. If you want some try asking at your local art supplier – they probably keep it in the stockroom!
    Good hunting

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