Scraping….and some stitching

July 26, 2007


For some reason I’ve just started stitching into little slate flakes – this one is about 2″ (5cm) high.  I didn’t give it any thought – just sort of found myself doing it.  A waste of time or the start of a new piece? 

Meanwhile, scraping slate panels for ‘Studies’ continues……..

glove-r70.jpg Workglove

tree-r12.jpg Tree

(The stitching round the sides is just chalked in as a possible idea)

I plan to show the complete ‘Studies’ piece at Loch Lomond in spring 2008, and although  the exhibition is months ahead I want to keep working at the ‘Studies’ while I’m ‘on a roll.’  However I told the Embroiderers’ Guild I would make a large scale embroidery of a human figure during my scholarship year, and that’s what I really should be getting on with.


The stitched slate flakes may turn out to be something to do with the proposed  embroidered figure. I don’t know if they are but I hope so – I really need to get started on him soon!



2 Responses to “Scraping….and some stitching”

  1. Anna Huston Says:

    I love the little flakes!

    Earlier this year, during a brief bout of trying hard to do a little painting every day (that didn’t last long!) I did several of my gardening gloves. Now I’ve seen your work glove I feel I ought to have another go. The days aren’t long enough!

  2. clydeolliver Says:

    I’ve tried that ‘do a painting/drawing a day’ thing and never got far with it either!
    As for gloves I love them, and some years ago while visiting an ethnographical museum in Budapest I saw a shaman’s glove which had only four fingers. Its shamanic owner must have exerted a mystical influence over me as ever since seeing it I’ve had an automatic tendancy to draw gloves with only four fingers!
    Glad you like the flakes, and perhaps you’ll have another go at the gardening gloves – what have you got to lose?

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