So Far……..So Good……!

August 9, 2007


I’m intending to embroider designs and images over the top of carved slates, but at this stage I don’t know if the process will actually work!  I’ve sellotaped paper templates onto the slate so that I can drill at regular intervals around the templates, thus accurately transcribing the design onto an uneven and difficult surface. 

Once all the holes are drilled I can begin couching thread onto the surface of the slate…….

stitchingr12.jpg Couching

stitch02-r12.jpg Close-up

tower-croppedr12.jpg So Far….So Good!

At least the method works!

This is just an initial mock-up to get a feel of how the process might work – and how I might be able to exploit it visually. The background may need more work in some parts and ‘knocking back’ in others to get a good balance between carving and stitching, and I’m still very unsure about colour v. black and white. Nevertheless, all things considered, I’m fairly optimistic about the piece!

Over the next two weeks I’m busy preparing for an exhibition and then running a workshop for the Scottish Region Branches Summer School, so I will get a little break away from ‘Studies’. 

It will be good to let the work rest for a bit while I consider it ‘out of the corner of my eye’ and plan the next stage.


And if there’s time I may even get a few more of these little flakes done…….



2 Responses to “So Far……..So Good……!”

  1. Anna Huston Says:

    All these images have showed up fine on my computer and I can now see the urn in the last posting too, so whatever you did regarding pixels must have worked.

    I really like the little flakes.

  2. clydeolliver Says:

    Thanks for letting me know that some pics. weren’t showing up – they looked OK on my screen, so it’s helpful to be told when things aren’t working!

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