Farfield Mill Exhibition

August 18, 2007


The exhibition ‘Cloth and Stone’ has just opened at Farfield Mill  near Sedbergh, Cumbria. The show features quilts and blankets lent by renowned collector of Welsh quilts Jen Jones, interspersed with pieces of my own work,  some of which took Welsh quilts as a starting point.

We had a long day setting up the show……





This is my ‘Welsh Quilt’ piece.  The slates rest on shelves, but to prevent accidents the slates are usually tied to the wall with hidden strings behind each separate slate. However, Wilf the technician has glued each of them to the wall with a little dab of silicone, which he insists will simply rub off after the show. 

You’d better be right Wilf!                                                  


 I’ve worked with textiles from around the world, in particular tribal textiles, but I never cease to amazed by the wonderful textiles made here at home in the UK  – and at how little attention they are usually given.


The day ended with a  Private View.  Jen and I swop stories and enjoy a drink.

Thank you to Farfield’s director Clare Hamilton and also to June Hill, who curated the show.

‘Cloth and Stone’ runs till September 19th. 2007  at Farfield Mill.

June Hill has written about the exhibition in the current ‘Embroidery’ magazine.                         


4 Responses to “Farfield Mill Exhibition”

  1. Sheelagh Machin Says:

    We all hope the exhibition is well received and look forward to viewing for ourselves in a couple of weeks.
    Good luck Clyde
    Sheelagh and co.

  2. clydeolliver Says:

    Thanks Sheelagh – hope you enjoy the show

  3. Sheelagh Machin Says:

    Thanks Clyde
    we have visited the show and really enjoyed the day. We found your work fascinating as usual and really appreciated having you there to explain the thinking behind it. I really recommend this as a day out for anyone interested in looking at your work and also have an opportunity to see other artists and craft people at work. There is also an excellent cafe on site to maintain energy levels. To be recommended.

  4. clydeolliver Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Sheelagh (and yes, the Cafe at Farfield is exellent)

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