Stirling Work

August 29, 2007


The University of Stirling was the venue for this year’s Embroiderers’ Guild Scottish Branches Summer School. I ran  a workshop exploring the possibilities of stitching with unorthodox materials, and students brought with them a variety of things to experiment with including driftwood, old electrical circuit boards, pocket watches, a shoe, nuts and bolts, tree bark  – even the rusted remains of an old wheelbarrow!


 Danger!   Embroiderers at work!



I know from experience that the only predictable thing about these workshops is how unpredictable everyone’s work can be……

wheelbarrow-cr10.jpg Appliqued wheelbarrow rust

ann-r50r15.jpg Wrapped slate shards

judy-cr10.jpg Pine bark strip

slate-boxr10.jpg Slate box

show-r10.jpg General view of Student’s work

show-r10_2.jpg General view of Students’ work 

show-_2-r10.jpg General view of Students’ work

All in all a very successful workshop. Congrats to all!


6 Responses to “Stirling Work”

  1. Anna Huston Says:

    I wish I could see the peices closer to! They look really interesting.

  2. Moira Says:

    Hi Clyde,
    Lovely to see the work, especially from the first group. I’ve just put a link to this site on my blog along with pictures of the work I did in your class. Hope you get some more visitors as a result.
    Love your work it looks great.
    Happy drilling I mean stitching…Both!
    Moira (the evolving badge!)

  3. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Anna – the work was really interesting – unfortunately there just isn’t room to show it all here!

  4. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Moira
    You are a dark horse not telling us about your blog!
    I’m putting a link to it in the my next posting ‘Postscript to Stirling’, as well as a link to Maggie Grey’s blog, whom I’ve discovered by reading yours.

    I think your work looks great – hope to see more soon

  5. Fiona Says:

    Hi Clyde,
    Yours is the first blog I have ever visited and I think its GREAT. It is really interesting to see your work at various stages.
    The workshop at Stirling was wonderful, quite liberating – thank you very much.

  6. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Fiona
    Glad you like the blog and enjoyed the workshop – I enjoyed it too!
    Hope you are going to keep on stitching
    Best wishes

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