Postscript to Stirling

August 31, 2007

The Scottish Branches Summer School was held this year at Stirling University because the usual venue, Galashiels, is undergoing refurbishment at present.

One of the joys of Stirling University is that it houses a good collection of twentieth century art…….. 

bellany-r50r15.jpg Stirling University Collection

(I don’t know if it’s legal to reproduce a snapshot like this – but I’ve done it anyway!)

The University of Stirling’s Art Collection is open to the public and well worth a visit. To find out more go to their web-site and take the ‘gallery tour’ or better still visit the University and enjoy the art for real!

I’ve had a nice comment from Moira whom I met at Stirling.  Moira keeps an interesting blog, as does Maggie Grey, who I discovered via Moira’s blog. Click on their names to visit!    


8 Responses to “Postscript to Stirling”

  1. Moira Says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the comment and the link. I’ve had a few comments to say that people have dropped by and are enjoying your work.
    Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Moira Says:

    Hi again. Check out , she’s been stitching on slate with great results!

  3. clydeolliver Says:

    Thanks! – will do

  4. Maggie Says:

    Fabulous blog, have found you via Moira’s comment on Maggie Grey’s blog (blogs make the world so small!!) The workshop in Scotland looks really exciting, will keep my eyes open for a similar workshop here in the south of England…. do you have any planned?

    Saw your work at the Festival of quilts last year and for the first time ( way back) at the Barbican with Art of the Stitch. So it is great to see some of your present work in exhibition. thank You.

    Best wishes


  5. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Maggie
    thanks for the comment – I like your blog too!
    No workshops planned at present – too busy with other work.
    I’ll be on the Embroiderers’ Guild stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show (UK venues only) this autumn. Please say hello if you are visiting the show!
    Best wishes

  6. Maggie Says:

    Hi Clyde

    I am at the Birmingham Knitting and Stitching and At Ally Pally where I will be on the CTDG stand on Saturday. So will come and say hello.

    Best wishes


  7. clydeolliver Says:

    Looking forward to meeting you!

  8. Moira Says:

    Aren’t blogs wonderful!!

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