Loch Lomond Postscript

May 12, 2008

Pressures of work forced me to rest the blog last autumn, and indeed I shall not be continuing it in future. However the Loch Lomond Quilt Show (May 14 – 17) is about to burst upon us and I shall be showing new work alongside some of Lilian  Hedley’s wholecloth quilts – so I thought I’d just write one last (brief) posting.

The stitched slate flakes have evolved into three works, named respectively Aggregate I (Shadow), Aggregate II (Fragments)  and Aggregate III (Sketch). 

Despite it’s numbering Aggregate III (Sketch) was the first to be completed. It is a sketchy shadow figure of slates on paper and could be thought of  as a kind of un-joined-up patchwork. It is about 2.60 meters high, the image being derived from someone drawing round my own shadow on the ground.

This is Aggregate II (Fragments) photographed while I was still working on it. It is bigger than the last piece and is now framed in four separate A1 box frames hung one above the other, emphasising the fragmented nature of the image.

Aggregate I (Shadow) was the last piece to be completed and comprises slate flakes stitched with metal threads and ironmongery. Here is a close up of a few flakes……..

The completed work will rest on a horizontal floor plinth 6 meters long. I’m giving it the sub-title ‘Shadow’ in reference to the source of the imagery and also to suggest ‘shadow’ in the (Jungian?) sense of a disowned or split-off part of ourselves. I see it as a piece denoting the absence of men in textile discourse, and its place in the gallery a plea for inclusiveness in textiles. 

The exhibition ‘AGGREGATE’ is at the Backdoor Gallery, Dalmuir, Dunbarton from May 14 till June 5 (open during library hours – check for details).  I shall be exhibiting other work besides the three ‘Aggregate’ figures and, as mentioned earlier, shall be sharing the gallery with Lilian Hedley whose traditional North Country quilts should be well worth seeing. 

During the four days of the Loch Lomond Quilt Show I shall be at the Backdoor Gallery for an hour or two each day to chat to visitors. (see LLQS’s publicity for times) – I hope to see you there!     




5 Responses to “Loch Lomond Postscript”

  1. Alison Delaney Says:

    Hi Clyde

    Visited your exhibition yesterday. For me the best bit of the show! Its a shame your Welsh Quilt piece wasn’t there is it on show anywhere as would really like to see it. Alas no one could tell me when you would be there as it would have been good to catch up.

    Your workshop in Stirling has inspired me and I am now working quite a lot with copper and slate. In fact we’re heading down your way again in June cos I need more slate. I’ll buy you a pint or two then if you don’t mind getting your brain picked at the same time!


  2. eva Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog & viewing current work images. Much of this is out of reach to me as exhibitions – the last of which I saw at K&ss Harrogate. I conversed with you there, since when your blog seems much more relevant to me. Web sites seem less ‘personal’ and full of ‘artist speak’ statements.I understand the pressure of time which causes you to cease writing, but I will miss it. Have you considered continuing but much less frequently? I’ll try looking occasionally, in the hope that you have become addicted!

  3. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Eva
    Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog! However it really is time-consuming and so I have to finish now.
    Best wishes

  4. A real shame you have now finished! really interesting, thank you!

  5. clydeolliver Says:

    Thanks for your comment – I’ll say hello next time I’m up Honister way!

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