A number of visitors to the blog have informed me that they have posted comments which have not appeared.  It’s possible that the process of leaving comments is unclear so here’s an attempt to explain.

At the bottom of each posting there appears something like the following


Click on the word ‘Comments’ and the following form should appear


The boxes in which I have put “your name” and “your.email@address” will be empty (unless your computer has filled them in automatically) and you must fill them in or WordPress will not accept the comment.  Once you have typed your comment in the large blank box you must then click on the “Submit Comment” button.  Sometimes this button has disappeared off the bottom of the screen so you might have to scroll down to it.  There’s often a short delay after clicking this button but providing you follow the steps above your comment should reach me.

All of your comments are welcome – this might be a comment on my work, a question, or indeed a criticism   (and please remember that adverse criticism can be just as valuable as positive comments!)   Alternatively, you might like to respond to a comment left by another reader.

Whatever your message is I would really like to see it.   


4 Responses to “How to Leave a Comment”

  1. Hello Clyde
    This is the 4th time I have tried to leave a message 🙂
    Just wanted to say how much I admire your work and have done since your exhibition at Ally Pally some time ago.
    I couldn’t make it to the NEC this time, will you be exhibiting at Ally Pally too?
    I ordered your DVD and have been informed that it will be with me tomorrow which is very exciting.
    Looking forward to watching your progress on ‘Shadows’.
    Best regards

  2. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Lynda
    Sorry you’ve not been able to leave messages – I don’t know what the problem is but I do know you are not the only one to have had difficulties.
    I’ve had an attack of Spam recently (40+ in one day alone) – so whether your messages have inadvertantly got ‘lost in spam’ I don’t know. Anyway thanks for your persistence!
    I’ll be at Ally Pally and Harrogate but not with an exhibition as such – just bits and pieces of ‘work in progress’
    Do introduce yourself when you visit!
    Best wishes

  3. sveta Says:

    You have built a good website

  4. clydeolliver Says:

    Thanks Sveta!

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