Current influences in my work include:


Giorgio Morandi



Ulrich Ruckriem



David Nash



Pablo Picasso


I’m not including any stitchers here, but will mention Audrey Walker

without whose encouragement I’d never have got started.



4 Responses to “Looking at…”

  1. Pam Newton Says:

    I love your work. I discovered it about a year ago, probably an article in an embroidery magazine (title forgotten!) & e-mailed a friend who does a lot with stones in his writing & art. I wanted to share my delight & astonishment at work so creative & well executed — who would concept stone & thread?!? I am familiar with man of the artists you reference as enabling your work. Morandi is at the top of my personal favorites too. We have a Long piece here in Philadelphia. I came to your blog via Selvedge. Please keep at it — your blog — & of course your very engaging stitchery. I’ll be watching & sharing with my friends who love stone & stitch. Thanks!

  2. clydeolliver Says:

    Thank you Pam

  3. Chris Spencer Says:

    Hi Clyde
    Just found your blog whilst looking for your work on the net. I am studying for a degree with OPUS and my tutor mary Cozens Walker mentioned you biefly. I love your work and hope to see more of it, can you let me know if you are exhibitng anywhere in the near furture or if there are any publictions/websites I can look at. I have briefly worked with combining slate and felt (MCW hates it but I like it)and I love the contrast of textures and the feeling of attachment to the earth.
    I shall continue to look out for your work.

  4. clydeolliver Says:

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for your comments. My next show will be ‘Aggregate’ at The Backdoor Gallery, Dalmuir, Glasgow from May 14th – June 5th.’08.

    ‘Odyssey’ have produced a DVD about me in their ‘Makers Profile’ series (they have a web-site and do mail order).

    That’s about it at present – good luck with your degree!


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